This one was written about and following the Langdale Charity Folk Festival which I'd recently played at. I remember lying on the grass watching the way the reddened leaves spiralled down from the trees in the autumn sunshine. It would be hard not to write a song about it!


Autumn leaves fall away from the trees in the valley
They are caught red and gold in the evening sun
On the breeze there is music and song and there's laughter
And we welcome the night because we know just what is gonna come

And we drink Sweet valley wine tonight
Mornings gonna be-just another day
The cheer that fills the soul tonight
Is here and may it never stray

Friends, a thousand voices singing together
A song on a flute a song on a beaten drum
From the moon a silhouette of the singing and the dancing
From the moon a silver light falls on every one

When I arrived
I was tired, so tired
Still here we are
Inspired inspired
Under the moon tonight

And at the end we walk away in different directions
With a smile and a tear and a sadness to overcome
Another time we'll be back for the singing and the laughter
Another time for the cheer in the soul all night long